Pure-V™ Engine Program

Pure-V Engine Designation: Adding value to your V2500® engine

IAE has a new designation for V2500 engines maintained to IAE’s high build standards: Pure-V. A Pure-V designated engine contains IAE-approved parts and repairs throughout the entire engine. More than 60 percent of the V2500 engine fleet meets the Pure-V standard.

Program Advantages
  • Improved Marketability
    Engines with a Pure-V designation provide assurance of the engine content, improving marketability for resale and worldwide acceptance.
  • Enhanced Asset Value
    Designation helps enhance residual value of V2500 engines.
  • Performance & Reliability
    V2500 engines maintained to IAE standards have demonstrated lower fuel consumption and longer time-on-wing.
  • Extended Parts & LLP Warranty
    Extended service policy for parts and LLP for Pure-V engines provided.

Improved Marketability

The Pure-V program helps improve the marketability of engines through an IAE database that identifies all Pure-V engines. The database tracks information from IAE maintenance centers servicing IAE Fleet Hour Agreements and from facilities approved by IAE to verify an engine’s Pure-V status.

A Pure-V engine maintained under a V-Services agreement contains the highest build standard and most up-to-date service bulletins. This means the engine returns into service with lower fuel burn, higher EGT margin and enables longer on-wing time. This reduces operating cost, reduces engine removals, lowers lease pool requirements and leads to higher level of reliability.

Enhanced Residual Values

IAE’s Pure-V engine program is designed to help operators and lessors enhance residual values for their V2500 engines.

IAE’s preliminary discussions with the lessor and appraiser communities showed that they were supportive of the Pure-V designation and agreed that it will support the asset residual value of the V2500 engine. The designation will enable appraisers to value V2500 assets with a higher degree of confidence for their investor clients.

Get Your V2500 the Recognition It Deserves

Take advantage of all the benefits the Pure-V designation offers. Request Pure-V for your V2500 today. Operators or lessors can contact their local IAE representative or email gpiaecomms@iaev2500.com.

Engine owners or operators need to provide records for review to demonstrate that the engine meets the eligibility criteria. These records include the engine’s shop visit history, on/off logs, memos of shipment, FAA form 8130 or EASA form 1, etc.

IAE certifies engines by serial numbers so operators can also request confirmation of the Pure-V designation for engines.

Pure-V Conversion

For engines that don’t currently meet the Pure-V standard, IAE offers a customized conversion kit. Please contact your V2500 engine service director for more details.

Pure-V™ is a trademark of United Technologies Corporation – Pratt & Whitney and is licensed to IAE International Aero Engines AG.

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