Engine Facts

Product V2500® two-shaft high-bypass turbofan engine
Thrust Range 22,000 to 33,000 lbs of thrust
Models V2500-A1, V2500-A5, V2500-D5, V2500-E5
Applications Airbus A319, A320 and A321
Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ)
Boeing MD-90
Embraer KC-390
Entered Service May 1989

Fun Facts

  • Two V2500 engines, similar to those that power the Airbus A320 aircraft, generate enough power to provide electricity for a city of over 60,000 people.
  • Fan tips for the higher thrust versions of the V2500 engine travel at more than 1,000 mph, 40 percent faster than the speed of sound.
  • The total amount of power produced by a V2500 engine is equivalent to the power produced by about 100 family cars.
  • The temperature of the air leaving the engine compressor is about 10 times hotter than the hottest summer day or 1/10 the temperature of the sun’s surface.
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